Martial Arts / Tae Kwon Do

EastSide Centre’s School of
Tae Kwon Do

Teaches Self Defense and Discipline

Class Schedule (ages 5 to adult):
  • Monday – 6pm to 7pm
  • Thursday – 6pm to 7pm
About Martial Arts:

Martial arts classes provide an environment where a person can learn the process of physical and mental discipline. This process enables the participants to develop respect for others and themselves, decreasing the potential of physical confrontation.

  • Enhances Self Confidence
  • Physical and Mental Conditioning
  • Builds Character
Martial Arts
Master Instructor Al Nimmo:
  • 40+ years of Martial Arts Experience
  • 4th Degree Black Belt
  • WTF-Kukkiwon Certified
  • Seven Olympic Style Fighters Qualifying for Olympic Team Trials Since 1994 Along with Several State and National Championships
Class Rates:
  • Free with Family Membership
  • $100 per 3 months with any other membership
  • $150 per 3 months for Non-Members
  • $60 for 1 month trial

For More Information Call 309-427-7772